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August Henry "Momiji" Documentary (2023)


NY在住のペインター/インスタレーションアーティストのAugust Henryのインスタレーションイベント"Momiji"のドキュメント映像。

ロケーションは京都市左京区にあるBridge Studio。同スタジオは1934年に建てられた元小児科の洋館で、数十年の間空き家が続いていた中、複合文化施設として始動したばかりの建物。


Documentary of installation event "Momiji" by New York-based painter and installation artist August Henry.

The location is Bridge Studio in Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City. This studio, originally a clinic built in 1934, had been vacant for decades before recently being repurposed as a multi-cultural facility.


Amidst the remnants of a bygone era within the building, August unveiled an installation inspired by Japanese carp streamers (koinobori).


The three-day event attracted many visitors, transforming the abandoned space into a vibrant scene filled with autumn colors.


撮影・編集:庄 輝士

アーティスト:August Henry

場所:Bridge Studio Kyoto

Filmed, Edited: Terushi Sho

Artist: Ausgut Henry

Location: Bridge Studio Kyoto

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