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事故物件を再生する (2020)









Lonely deaths, suicides, and murders. Homes where someone has died without being noticed by others are labeled as "Jiko Bukken (stigmatized properties)" and are often avoided and sometimes ridiculed by the public.

However, given Japan's super-aged society, the increasing number of people without social connections, and nearly 20,000 suicides per year, these stigmatized properties are no longer a novel phenomenon here in Japan.

In Tokyo, there is a real estate agent who specializes in these stigmatized properties. The president has handled about 200 such properties (as of the interview) and has touched human death as much as the properties. His mission is to restore these properties that people avoid and put them back on the market.


"The hardest part is listening to the stories of the bereaved families and when inspecting the properties. Hearing the stories involves human emotions, and when I visit the properties, personal belongings are often still there, making it hard not to get emotionally attached." Despite his feelings, the existence of social issues means that his real estate agency receives many requests and runs successfully.

Why did he start such an unconventional real estate agency? It turns out his past experiences are putting influences on his current life.

Amidst witnessing various emotions and human dramas, he continues to restore stigmatized properties every day. 

企画・監督・撮影・編集:庄 輝士

掲載媒体:Yahoo! Japan

Idea, Directed, Filmed, Edited: Terushi Sho

Media: Yahoo! Japan

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